Venture: With               we are building an independent platform for direct trade, creating a transparent and resilient food system. Delivering unique produce to chefs like Christian at Sentralen and Esben at Maemo.


Removing the fuzz

Dagens is on a mission to levels the playing field for producers and chefs who want to trade on their own terms. That means removing all the fuzz in the middle, being a transparent marketplace. Dagens is a data driven supply chain, making direct trade of unique produce viable, securing that the biggest part of the profit stays at the farm. Dagens coordinate flow of information and goods, but don’t own anything but the digital infrastructure.
The food supply chain of today is dominated by a few gatekeepers with highly centralised market power, preventing food producers and buyers to trade directly. Dagens makes trading of diverse and independent food production economically sustainable — which we belive is key for maintaining a resilient food system and a healthy planet.

Maximo, one of the founders, has more than 15 years of kitchen experience, working in Michelin restaurants, hotels and canteens. Supported by a MSc Business & Economics. Maximo and Sunna met in a previous startup, and Sunna has more than 10 years of experience from food innovation projects across the Nordics. They're supported by Kristina, Stian and Kristoffer who came onboard through their common food and sustainability passion, and form the interdisciplinary team that is Dagens.
Producers get direct
market access
Dagens removes all the fuzz in the middle
Buyers get easy access to unique products