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The logo for iterate is a pixelated organism continuously changing size, direction and shape
A metal tray full of freshly washed salad for sale trough Dagens
Dagens is enabling direct-trade between farmers and chefs
Curly Bracket is teaching kids how to code
Northern Playground is reducing all clothing consumption
Neddy is a learning universe focused on usability
FCQuiz is the daily trivia fix for soccer super fans
ScaleupXQ helps organizations build their sales engine
Zyberia improves self-care with a personalized health platform
Konfidens supports providers with an end-to-end platform for their patients
Northern Playground teamed with us to change the textile-industry

Tech, Strategy, Brand, Product

A screenshot of a Facebook ad for Startuplabs Annual winter party
Startuplab got a clear brand

Tech, Strategy, Brand, Product

A person holding a Russian cabbage, validating it on the phone using the Sanke website
Sanke makes urban foraging available for everyone

Tech, Product

Aftenposten had us design tomorrows news


We're currently prototyping a digital thrift shop

Tech, Product

A 12 pack of Den Stole Hane-eggs in a blue carton with big white letters saying; extra large
We rigged Den Stolte Hane for e-commerce


A bright purple bike shirt with the text Always first, made for Porterbuddy
We made Porterbuddy distinct

Tech, Strategy, Brand

A screenshot of a bright yellow website for Byboks, with a cute cartoonish character drawn by Frode Skaren
We helped Byboks launch their first pilot

Strategy, Brand, Product

Dagens streamed with us to sell produce directly

Tech, Strategy, Brand, Product

Tomorrow Today got a brand and web iteration

Tech, Brand

We enable Hurtigruten passengers to truly focus on exploring

Tech, Product

Headless operations

Think dev-ops as a service. Serverless and smooth like Heroku and Netlify, but cheaper.
Not Google Analytics

GDPR and e-privacy compliant analytics tool, that happens to be cookiefree
Headless accounting
Coming soon
Ethical Analytical
GDPR and e-privacy compliant analytics tool, that happens to be cookiefree
Woman in a pink knitted turtleneck
Woolit is rethinking fashion by making knitwear on demand
Woman in a grocery store
Noba is for people suffering from IBS
Woman playing the chello on a stream from Anywhere
Anywhere supports performers with a new streaming platform
A screenshot of the Unicad platform
Unicad is helping civil engineers collaborate
A satellite image of a ghost ship detected by Vake
Vake is detecting ghost ships using satellite imagery
A classroom of kids getting busy with Hjernelæring
Hjernelæring helps kids understand themselves and be brave
A screenshot of a videoconference between a researcher and a user
UX Signals helps product teams better understand their users
Woman talking to her doctor using the Flowzone app
Flow Technologies gives patients a digital follow-up


Aars and Iterate establish strategic partnershipIterate has received an investment of 100 MNOK ($11.3M USD) and formed a strategic partnership with Aars.

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We build together with companies of all flavors, shapes, and sizes.
We don't get hung up on labels. Maybe you're just 2 founders and a dog.
Or perhaps you have 3 bosses and a corporate expense policy
that is 13 pages long.

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Promise: Find out what works before doing too much product development.
We also help you find underserved customer segments, and the channels to reach them on.

Solution: Building for both small ventures and big national brands, we've learned a thing or two.
Leverage our low-cost experimentation model to build faster.

Scaling: You have a chasm to cross and we know how to do it. Optimize your product led acquisition,
activation, engagement, and of course your monetization, to grow baby grow.

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Iterate is a venture builder. We have the technologists, designers, tools, and operational support innovators needs to succeed - and we also build our own ventures.

In fact, we encourage our own people to quit. Not because we don’t enjoy their company, but because we want them to build their own ventures with us instead of leaving to start them. We know that true innovators need some freedom to play. We just empower them to do so and perhaps provide some help along the way.

We've been listed one of the Best workplace for Innovators 2020, by Fast Company, alongside Google and Alsac.

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Branding small ventures, and big national brands, we've learned a thing or two. That's why we formalized our approach to a low-cost experimentation moving the brand over time, trough relevant outtakes.

We love ideas that work, and we hate wasting our time. That's why we run lean experiments, where we very rapidly build products, and test them on real users - at the same time.

Everything else under the sun? Yup, we probably know it and have done it for some of the most well known and unknown companies out there. Just like in life if you need something it's better just to ask.

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