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Iterate helps critical thinkers build ventures
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You can’t do epic shit with basic people.

Iterate is a venture builder and as cheesy as it might sound we are nothing without our people. At the same time, you spend a lot of hours with your work colleagues. So why not work with people you actually enjoy spending that time with?

We’ll save you from all the big company HR-speak and buzzwords you might find on other job pages. Really we would much rather show you why we’re just a little bit different. 

Or perhaps you would like to show us? Are you working on your own venture or just dreaming about it? Iterate helps to not only to develop ideas but people as well. Because you can sit in a thousand classroom sessions but you’ll never really learn how to build a venture until you get your hands dirty doing it. 

So why don’t you bring the hands and we'll bring the dirt?

Iterate and our ever growing portfolio of ventures are always looking for talented folks to join us. Take a little lookie down below and get in touch.

Iterate help critical thinkers build ventures, and without the right people that wouldn't be possible

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In the timeless words of Steve Ballmer... "Developers, developers, developers!".


You probably wear a lot of black clothes and that's OK!

Product Managers

You're super duper organized and like bringing all the pieces together.

open position

Sometimes we don't know what want until we see it. Are you that unknown x-factor we're missing? 

Flow Technologies are on a mission to reduce the time clients spend on rehab

Design Lead

You are the kind of person who is passionate about both healthcare and pixels.


You're a developer with a flair for product development. Ain't you fancy! 

Vake use machine learning to automatically detect ships in satellite images.

Summer Interns 2022

Instead of going to Spain this year why don't you make your parents proud instead?

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

You're an experienced pro at both sales and marketing. You might also be a unicorn.

Woolit nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo.

Customer Service Manager

You're very sweet and helpful. Much like grandma.


You get just a little bit excited by how much math actually goes into knitwear.

Marketing Manager

You know how to both knit a beautiful garment while also stitching together our marketing tech stack.

Dagens - Co-creating a transparent
and resilient food system


You're ready to lead the development of our marketplace. Even your dreams are two-sided.


Baby got back end and knows how to get things from point A to point B.

Full Stack Engineer

You want to build the marketplace to help our farmers grow more than just great food.

PI4WD nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo.

Account Executive

You are about shortened sales cycles and happy clients.

Sales Development Representative

Sell me this pen (and get ready to learn everything about how to build sales organizations)

Konfidens - a medtech startup


You care about both others mental health and your own clean code.

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