The logo for iterate is a pixelated organism continuously changing size, direction and shape



Have you ever made a product or feature that nobody wanted?

82,5% say they did

The world spends $900B on software development every year. Most of it is wasted. Together we can stop this and spend our time, creativity and money making sure we build great products.

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Satellite photographing earth illustrated with a gif

Venture Vake utilise satellite data to detect all ships

Case Northern Playground use us to challenge the textile-industry

A man comparing a plant to a plant on this phone with the sanke website

Case Sanke draw on tech and design to make urban foraging available for everyone

Porterbuddy are eager to deliver
Sparebank 1 use us to turn banking lean
Woolit changes how clothes are made
CurlyBrackets rethink tech education
Amedia team up with us to deliver news
Flowzone enables healthy lifestyles
Aftenposten gif

Client Aftenposten Product Team paired up with us to reshape their articles

Borg logo and typography

Start-up Borg asked us to brand law-tech

A metal tray filled with newly washed salads

Case Dagens is building a new food system, selling produce directly

unusual business

The current system for entrepreneurship is broken. There are countless talented and experienced people with great ideas and visions, that have never had the opportunity to change things.

We are striving to make a difference. That's why we invest in people. Not only their ideas and skill sets, but their dreams, values and sheer willpower.

At our place we don't let titles limit your job, in fact we don't really do titles. We try to create a safe environment for building teams, experimenting with ideas, and growing businesses. If you feel like making things happen, do, and if you think you need permission, don't.

These values make us quite restless. We're curious about how we can elevate people, companies and communities around us. And since we emerged from lean software manifestos some 13 years ago, we know that an agile, sincere ecosystem for empowerment and continuous learning is our only way forward.

venture builder

We let people build, launch and grow their visions into companies. We sweat for equity, and help out with resources when necessary, but let them own it. We're currently in market with ten ventures.

Iterative branding

Branding small ventures, and big national brands, we've learned a thing or two. That's why we formalised our approach to a low-cost experimentation moving the brand over time, trough relevant outtakes.

Product discovery

We love ideas that work, and we hate wasting our time. That's why we run lean experiments, where we very rapidly build products, and test them on real users - at the same time.