Fire at Grensen 17

Fire at Grensen 17

Friends, customers, and partners, please note that the fire in Sentrum Oslo impacted Iterate as this is our building. We are all safe and hope the same for our many office plants. At this time we are still unable to enter the building. Due to this please expect some delay in reply as we adjust.

There has been an overwhelming amount of inbound messages and support. Thank you and apologies if we did not manage to reply to everything. Shoutouts to Netlife for lending us Macbooks, Rebel for getting us a quick temp office space, and both Grafill & Ipsos who helped us house our summer students. We also need to send a special thanks to the Oslo fire department and other first responders.

We aren't going to post the dramatic fire photos here, as we have already seen them a lot! Instead, please enjoy this old photo that features our building Grensen 17. We enjoyed our time here and hope they add those cool spires back again.

Fun fact: This is not the first time Grensen 17 has seen fire.

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