Venture Builder Log: October 2022

Venture Builder Log: October 2022


Read this because the rest of the news in the world is downright awful at the moment


Sometimes it is nice to see our colleagues, and not on video.

The office has been a beehive of events lately. We have probably gone way over our budget for food and drinks this year. Whoops!

Orange Wine Tasting

Thanks to Oransjevin who came by to teach us about orange wine and made us drink lots of delicious orange wine. 


We gathered 45 students from Trondheim in our offices to stimulate creative thinking through dance, decorating, drawing, and development. They were nice enough to make us a new, uhhhhhh, website?

Bad Pitches, Terrible Ideas, and Pizza

As part of Oslo Innovation Week we hosted a pitch event like no other with a focus on very very bad ideas. Many people said it was the best event at OIW and those who didn't say that are wrong.


Get to know one of our venture builder companies better.

Noba (

What do they do?

They improve life for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which affects up to 15% of the population.

How do they do it?

By making it easy to follow a diet proven to help people with IBS.

How are they doing?


New Iterate ventures you'll be hearing more about soon.

17b (

Creating interior products that reuse and rethink waste materials and make use of distributed manufacturing to scale. They recently exhibited at Gamle Munch Museum as part of (Re)Made. An event that was part of Oslo Architecture Triennale + Oslo Innovation Week.

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