Ventures: Byks launches to bring you better workouts

Ventures: Byks launches to bring you better workouts

After a few months of live testing and iteration (they would probably call it training) Byks has launched officially on the app stores. What started internally under the name Squads, an app for running groups, has now taken a new path of its own. Expanding (they would probably call it stretching) into new areas of workouts and training plans. On top of that, they do all this by letting top athletes create their own content in the Byks app. So do a little warm-up and get started from the Apple or Google app store.

How are things going so far?

Well, let’s get right down to what training folks enjoy. The stats:

What’s next?

Byks is adding even more squads, better training plans, and exciting new workouts. Plus, new activities like cross-country skiing and post-pregnancy running. Get ready for lots of new running content as well, and stay tuned for better workouts coming your way.

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