Ventures: Introducing Ta Vare to help give your household things a longer life

Ventures: Introducing Ta Vare to help give your household things a longer life

Have you disinfected your showerhead lately? How about changing the air filters above the stove? Failing to do these can either make you sick or become a serious fire safety issue! I’ll let you guess which one is which.

Now you can skip the guesswork and keep track of these and 24 other important tasks around the home. Introducing Ta vare, a new way to help make home maintenance easier and give your household things a longer life.

While here at Iterate we work on many software and design solutions we also from time to time make physical products. Sometimes it is the best way to get started and learn as we go. Such is the case for Ta vare, which is the brainchild of two of our designers Ludvig and Einar.

They learned that they weren't alone when it came to being anxious about all the little things that must be done around the home. During their research, they found that people were generally unsure of what needed to be done and when. So many would instead do nothing and hope the problem will go away or eventually solve itself. Unfortunately, that is often not the case! Thankfully you no longer need to worry with the Ta vare wheel.

The solution is as simple as it is brilliant. Giving you reminders of what needs to be done in addition to a monthly overview of the tasks. You can also scan the QR codes to get some help on how to do the tasks. The wheel was designed in Oslo and printed + laser cut at the Flisa print shop, a few hours outside of town.

You can now purchase the wheel at and stop forgetting about those little to-do items around the house. Give your things a longer life and you a little peace of mind.

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