Work: The fight for a product mindset

Work: The fight for a product mindset

By Anders Haugeto

Most successful tech startups fit this description: A visionary, motivated and (usually) cross functional team has been able to iterate quickly, and use what they learned to solve a customer problem in a new and innovative way. A key factor to their success is how they collectively think: They’ve developed a shared mindset that places customers and their needs at the center of all decisions related to what they build and how they build it.

It’s product mindset — a powerful way to work together on complex problem solving. If you're oriented towards iteration and learning, it may come naturally to you in the beginning. But to succeed Big Time you need to hang on to it in expansion: You need it to find the best, often unique, growth strategies, that help you go fast while at the same time using only the people and resources you need, while keeping complexity and technical debt at reasonable levels...

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