Children grow fast, so we created to help find their outgrown clothes a new home.




With a team of designers and developers, we created an e-commerce experience and inventory management system from the ground up.

What did they need?

After a research project with ÆRA, Red Cross identified a new opportunity with their existing work collecting and recycling used clothes. They needed a partner who could not just do all the value stream mapping but also create an end-to-solution for consumers. Enter Iterate…

What did we do?

We started by getting our hands dirty. Literally. We jumped into the mounting piles of used kids clothes at their warehouse and started to create not just a technical solution but a complete supply change management process.

We did a lot of testing, experimenting, and even packaging and delivering the first orders ourselves.

Beyond that, we created the logo, supported the naming process, and even became customers of the service ourselves. Since then hundreds of new customers have purchased well-loved kids clothing and done a great service to give these items a new life and keep them out of landfills.

What did we learn together?

Together we learned a few things such as that many kids clothes dropped into bins were in fact brand new! That meant they had even more resale potential than originally anticipated. We also learned that most parents do their shopping online at night which makes a lot of sense. It’s tough to hold both a toddler and a laptop at the same time.

"Iterate has put real handprints into a solution that enables people to reduce their own footprints. Working with Iterate is like working with good colleagues that want the best for the customer, you, and the company"

Hallvard Bache - CEO, Levd

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